Sunday, August 23, 2009

Picture Reminder

I am sticking my toe into the posting waters here, so things are a bit random.  This is from May, after we got back from Maryland Sheep & Wool.  I bought this Spirit Trail Fiberworks sock yarn there, and then when I got home ordered a ball winder and swift.  I knew they couldn't arrive soon enough, so I started hand balling the yarn.  Needless to say this was a big mistake and I ended up with this:

Reminds me of the Yarn Harlot's comment about how knitters are the most impatient people around!

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peggy chiarello said...

I came across something on ravelry about cotton yarn you have 4 or 5 skeins - I was wondering how much - you can pm me if you are still wanting to do that
peggy chiarello